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Buki Waza set and FREE Buki Waza book


This is the Foundation set for buki waza covering all the basic techniques of tantô, Kunai, Shotô, Hambô, Jo, Biken Bô, Yari, Naginata you need to know for the bujinkan system from 5th kyû to 1st kyû. The techniques demonstrated here are the same found in the other Foundation sets (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Added here FOR THE FIRST TIME are all the kaeshi waza (counter techniques) for the Jo, biken, bô, yari, naginata techniques

8 dvds for more than 8 hours in total!

FREE Buki Waza book (393 pages) to follow your progression in the study of the Bujinkan system!

Duration 485 min. min. English - plays all regions.