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Buki Waza: bô, yari, naginata

In this 3 dvds set you will learn the basics of the long weapons.

BÔ: kamae (9), uchi (10), kihon gata (5), keiko sabaki gata (6)*

YARI: kamae (4), kihon gata (4), shoden no kata (8)

NAGINATA: kamae (5), kihon kyuhô (9)

****important**** nearly all the techiques demonstrated are shown for the first time with the kaeshi waza (counter technique)!

This is the basic requirements for those of you following the Memento of the BKP.

English - Plays all regions - dvd 1: 70 minutes - dvd 2 74 minutes - dvd 3: 44 minutes

*All bô jutsu techniques can be found in the "kukishin bô jutsu" set of dvd (release sept 2010)