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After recording the techniques for the Ten Chi Jin we figured out that we had 20 hours of teaching. For the Ten Chi Jin Set we reduced the Chi Ryaku to the movements but we decided that many students of the bujinkan would happy to get a deeper understanding of these basic movements.

So we have edited an "extended version" of the Chi ryaku for those of you willing to better their basics: Keri no Daken Kihon (kicks & leg moves), Hajutsu Kyû Hô (9 freeing techniques), Gyaku Waza (twists & locks), Nage Waza (throws), Ryû Sui Iki (sutemi), Shime Waza (pressures & chokes), Torite Waza (controls). We have also added some footage from the basics: Sanshin no Kata, Inshi Gata, JûnanTaisô

This is a set of three dvds covering all the techniques of the Chi Ryaku no Maki as exposed by Sensei in his book in 1983!

Each dvd plays for about 1h and displays the various techniques of the Chi

Get this set of 3 dvds for a very good price

English - plays all regions.