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Bujinkan Kyû Program (BKP): 2nd Kyû

The Bujinkan Kyû Program is a new series of DVDs displaying the techniques that you have to know to get your rank. The nine Kyû display all the techniques you need to know to become a black belt. Each technique of the BKP is demonstrated and explained in detail to facilitate your progression. Unfortunately those dvds do not replace a real teacher but they help each one to better understand and memorize the necesssary techniques.

The BKP follows the Ten Chi Jin in a particularly way that makes it easy for each practitioner to imporve his or her skills. The BKP has been experimented for 2 years by Arnaud Cousergue and the Shidôshi and Shihan of the Bujinkan France and follows the memento syllabus.

This set contains two dvds and covers all the techniques of the 2nd Kyû.

This set presents all the taijutsu techniques and the sword techniques for the 2nd kyû as described in the memento

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English - plays all regions. English - 182 minutes