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Kihon Happô for beginners (book+CD)



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Together with the Sanshin no Kata based upon the Gogyô (5 elements) the Kihon Happô is one of most important set of movements of the Bujinkan fighting system.
This new edition of the book by Arnaud Cousergue is dedicated to the beginners willing to understand the spirit of the Kihon Happô. The book details the eight forms and principles of the Kihon Happô with a new pedagogical approach. Each technique of the Sanpô no Kata is cut down into 5 steps; and each technique of the Gohô no Kata is cut down into 8 steps. This step-by-step approach makes it easy for the beginner to get into the basic forms of the Kihon Happô. At the end of the book are given the original techniques demonstrated by Hatsumi Sensei in his first major book: "Togakure Ryû Ninpô Taijutsu" as well as the written techniques from the 1987 version of the Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki. We have aldo included the explanation of some of the Kihon Happô by Takamatsu Sensei from the last DVD. As well as the Kihon Happô structure in Hatsumi Sensei's book: "the way of the Ninja".
Even if this book is primarily dedicated to the beginners, it will help the black belts and the teachers who will be able to compare the forms of these movements trhough time.
The theme for 2011 being "kihon happô" we have added a new introduction to the book.
A video and data cd is included with this book. The movements are detailed in a 20 minutes film. Some extra files are included: the pictures of the book, a pdf file with the text, and all the pictures from the book. In English with many pictures. Includes a video and data CD.