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kukishin Ryû no Tachi Waza

During a recent trip to Japan Hatsumi sensei unveiled the spirit and forms of the Kukishin Ryû sword origin.

In this series of three dvds is presented for the first time to the western world the original ways of the Tachi waza when it was designed for combat use in the Muromachi era at the beginning of the 14th century.

Arnaud Cousergue, Bujinkan Shihan and Menkyo Kaiden of Tachi Waza presents here the 27 forms of the kukishin Biken jutsu applied to the Tachi.

The Tachi is used like a Jo and a yari at the same time which makes it a very particular tool to fight with quite far from the ususal ways of using the sword.

Get them now and learn how to use the sword in a new way!.

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