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the kukishin ryû is the more complete school of the bujinkan and includes nearly all the weapons that are used in the bujinkan.

The Kukishin bô jutsu set is composed of 11 dvds covering all the basics, kihon, techniques and counter techniques of the kukishin ryû. The first set is composed of 3 dvds.

This first dvd set introduces you to the use of this major weapon of warfare. All kamae are explained, the ways to hit the opponent and the famous bô no kihon, the "sanshin" of bô jutsu. The dvds also covers the techniques of the shoden no kata with the counter techniques or kaeshi waza.

Understanding the way to fight with the long staff is the mandatory step to enter the use of the more complex weapons of the bujinkan such as the yari, the naginata, and the sword.

Plays all regions - 129 minutes - English - 3 dvds